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The Purpose of Life

Had it ever occurred to your mind to find the purpose of life? After all, what is the meaning of life? These are the questions philosophers have long been tried to answer. In fact, if you have tried enough to consolidate your mind to give a fair answer to the question, you’ll most probably find the following answers. In analyzing them you’ll find the meaning of life and what’s life is all about.

Continuous improvement

If we spend our entire life the same way and with the same passion, life will become boring to us. The same sun shines every day and the same moon appears over the night sky. If we see the same surroundings, the same people, and the same events, life will become pretty hectic. There’s no energy for us to begin the day with new aspirations. The goals we have will be limited. We try to please the people around us and not ourselves.

This is not the way life should be spent. Intellectual people have argued that we can find the purpose of living in one way by being ourselves allowed for continuous improvement. In that way, we will see things from a different perspective.

Try to see the new things on your way home. Be on the lookout for a new restaurant and have a peek in. It’s not only others you should please, try to please yourselves too. Try to give yourself a break from time to time and make yourself comfortable with learning a new skill, a swimming lesson, camping on a hill, how to make paper arts, a hideout in a jungle, an adventure tour of rock climbing are ideal ideas for you to consider to try to find YOU (the true spirit) within you. At the same time, try to find a new language, and try to unlearn a new thing when you have some time to spare. In today’s busy life, Youtube is an ideal avenue for you to unlearn many things.

In that way, you are always preoccupied with adding new things to your life. Life did not become bored as it was. You are finding you, the purpose of living.

Living with a dream

Another way to generalize this idea is to equip yourself with a bigger purpose more than you could encounter. The people who enlightened others had this type of idea in their hearts and souls. They tried to find the meaning of life by illuminating the lives of others in many ways. Thomas Alva Edison, Tesla, and Marie Curie were the persons who illuminated others by their new inventions that bought new knowledge streams to the world. They not only bought new knowledge but they were capable of changing the human understandings of many things. They spent their lives by bringing new perspectives and their lives were spent purposefully.

So, they found the purpose of life in their own intellectual way.

If you can become such a person your life will be always remembered and your life will become a purposeful one not only for you but for others as well.

Building relationships

Another way to find the purpose of life is to find the way we can build relationships and in what way we can build their lives. We all have families and we try our best to illuminate the lives of our children by educating them, nourishing them, and protecting them. So, we can find the purpose of life by mending our relationships and the way we can upbringing their lives. They will seek their destination through our enormous hardships, struggles, and with our tears. At the end of the day, if we can look back and try to please ourselves that our children are in the present state because of our struggles, we can truly satisfy ourselves. Notwithstanding our immediate family members, we can please ourselves by helping and building relationships with our neighbors, peers, and society at large. The inner satisfaction you get by helping others is enormous. In that way too you can find the purpose of life.

The uniqueness of your life

Even if we think we are the same, each and every one of us has our unique story to tell to others. The experiences we get are unique to ourselves and others won’t get the same experience even they are close to us.

We have our own judgment of our life by the experience we have. In another way, we have our own life stories. If we try to stop ourselves from being a non-stop runner and try to enjoy life, our lives will become more purposeful to us.

Try to listen to the singing of the birds, allow yourself to listen to a top melody you enjoy. Try to take a fresh breath of air by going to some remote location. Listen to the sound of a stream. Try to listen to the whisper of the trees.

In that way, you are closer to nature and many things would unravel to you. You’ll find true happiness and life will become more meaningful to you. So, try to write the chapters of your life story by your very own unique experiences. Your life would have been more meaningfully spent than the rest of the others.



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