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It’s the Attitude That Counts First and Foremost.

I met many persons in my life and it’s interesting to note that most people are in their self-created cubicles and haven’t been able to escape from their faith. It’s a rather philosophical point of view on counting the reasons as to why they are still in their own cubicles and haven’t been able to escape from their tyranny after many years of hardships.

Humans are solitary creatures and have a very independent way of information gathering and unlearning knowledge. Reading makes a full man, genius says. As same as reading, one’s own experience counts a lot in everyday life. He or she will be a balanced person at the end of the day. Knowledge alone will not let a person a wise guy. Applying his knowledge in a particular situation will make him a wise guy.

Even one may see the above passage as additional reading, I want to emphasize the fact that attitude is the most important factor that will determine the true characteristics of a person. The attitude may be shaped in various stages of a person’s life. A person’s attitude may be influenced by the time he sucks milk from his mother. Also, the inner circle of his friends, his unique experiences, the struggles and hardships he faced, the family background, and even his looks may shape the attitude of a person.

Many people have become naysayers and they blame various persons, even their parents; various institutions including their schools and universities, and ultimately their mother nation for their inability. Once I was able to witness a television program on jobless university graduates. The interviewer was a prominent person in today’s government service and his name is withheld for obvious reasons. The person he interviewed with, the jobless university graduate pointed out various reasons for his inability to obtain a job and he tried his very best to prove them right. At the same time, he blamed various persons and organizations in his speech. The interview was conducted in English and it was apparent that he was not versatile in English very much. After listening to his mile-long explanation, the interviewer raised a single question to him. What were the initiatives he has taken to improve his English so that he could become a better prospect in a job interview? He was speechless. 

Many blame that they are in their particular stage because of their parents, schools or, the country they live in. They don’t realize that they are in their particular stage not because of the external circumstances but because of their inner mentality.

That illustrates the whole thing in a dilemma. It’s a luxury of us to point out various reasons for our failures. However, have we given them new perspectives? Have we planned enough? Was our timing correct? What agents did we neglect? Have we thought out the consequences of the projects?

In every situation, we are blessed if we point out the fingers at ourselves. The change is at our hands. What are steps can we take to win the situation? So, it should be the attitude of the people that will make a difference in the winning formula.



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