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Celebrities; Then and Now.

We all love celebrities, why? Sometimes, they were our role models and we were eager to become one of them. At the same time, they were our heroes, we loved to be part of the gang with them. We also had a crunch for them as they were capable of stealing our hearts for them.

However, it’s fact that they age like us and they can’t escape from the reality. Even though they are aged by now, we love to see them as they were young with their same flashy smile and in the same beauty they deserved.

Ard Gelinck is an artist who created portraits of celebrities with their own younger selves. These photoshop-edited portraits of celebrities are so real that one can’t see any difference just by looking at them.

You will realize the effect time has done on celebrities with these photos. Time is one thing we can’t do any bargains with. We all have undergone the changes with it. In the same vein, We all have good memories associated with our past and celebrities.

Sometimes our minds would drift away in million miles as soon as we hear a small part of a hit melody. Also, we all have some sort of a story to tell as soon as we see a clip of a movie. So, nothing is forgotten and they are deep inside us. So, take a good look at these photos and I’m sure you all have good memories associated with them.

You can reach Ard Genlinck via his Instagram account































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